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ODPS Emergency Medical Services Laws, Rules and Policies

ODPS | Emergency Medical Services

Small Business Regulations

EMS Small Business Regulatory Impact: See current and proposed administrative rules and provide input/comments regarding rules being reviewed and drafted.

ODPS | Emergency Medical Services

Law - Ohio Revised Code (R.C)

Chapters 4765 and 4766 of the Ohio Revised Code set forth the laws that govern the Ohio State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services (EMFTS).

Chapter 4765:  EMS providers, firefighters, fire safety inspectors, instructors, fire charters, trauma, accredited training institutions, approved training institutions, and grants.

Chapter 4766:  Licensure of medical transportation organizations, including providers of emergency medical services, inter-facility ground transportation via ambulance and mobile intensive care unit, air medical services, and wheelchair transportation services (ambulettes).


Rules - Ohio Administrative Code (O.A.C.)

EMS:  Rules pertaining to EMS provider certification and renewal and continuing education, accredited and approved training institutions, instructors, curriculum, Regional Physician Advisory Board (RPAB), trauma, data, and grants can be found in Ohio Administrative Code 4765 (Chapters 4765-1 to 4765-10 and 4765-12 to 4765-19).

Fire:  Rules pertaining to firefighter and fire safety inspector certification and renewal, fire charters, and instructors can be found in Chapters 4765-11 and 4765-20 to 4765-24.

Medical Transportation:  Rules pertaining to certification and licensure of ambulances, mobile intensive care units, ambulettes, and air medical services can be found in Chapters 4766-1 to 4766-5.