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Fire Charter Program Directives

Emergency Vehicle Operations Course   PDF
Instructor Knowledge Examination Eligibility   PDF
Clarification of NFPA 1001 Entrance Requirements   PDF
Instructor Course Entrance Requirements   PDF
Use of eBooks for Fire Training   PDF
Use of Simulators for Fire Extinguisher Practical Skill Test   PDF
Course Request Approval Requirements   PDF
Exam Request Approval Requirements   PDF
Live Fire Training Instructor Requirements   PDF
Fire Instructor Candidate Supervised Teaching   PDF
EMS Web Based Testing Appeal Process   PDF
Request for ADA Accommodation   PDF
Live Fire Instructor Job Performance Requirements   PDF
Request for Ohio Certified Firefighters to Obtain Pro Board Certificate   PDF
Pro Board Applications and Certificates for Ohio Firefighters   PDF
Initial FF Course Entrance Requirements   PDF
Adding and Removing Students on the EMS Course and Examination Administration System   PDF


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