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Sample Documents

Sample Student Medical Evaluation Form   PDF

Sample Emergency Vehicle Operations Documents

Ohio Fire Academy Competency Evaluation Driver/Operator – Fire Apparatus   PDF


National Fire Protection Association    
National Incident Management System    

2018 Program Director In-Service

PFAS Fact Sheet   PDF
Best Practice Guidance for Use of Class B Fire Fighting Foams   PDF
Action Training Systems (ATS) Summary of Services   PDF
Information Letter Action Training   Word
Dealing with AFFF and PFAS: Best Management Practices   Powerpoint
Hazard Recognition Officer & Fire Safety Inspector Practical   Powerpoint
Most common fire charter violations   Powerpoint
Program Director In-Service   Powerpoint
EMS Testing   Powerpoint
ATS Learner Tutorial (3m 45s)   Video


Fire Chiefs Symposium (Mar. 2019)   Powerpoint


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