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BCI Background Check Process

If you have a conviction or are under a Board or Executive Director Order to supply the Division of EMS with a background check, you will need to obtain a WebCheck® from the Bureau of Criminal Identification.

WebCheck® is an Internet-based program for civilian background checks utilized by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). WebCheck® uses the Internet to electronically transfer fingerprints and other data from inquiring agencies to BCI.

When requesting the WebCheck®, it is your responsibility to report to the agency the address where the WebCheck® is to be mailed. Please have the WebCheck® sent to:

Ohio Division of EMS
Office of Investigative Services
1970 West Broad Street
P.O. Box 182073
Columbus, OH 43218-2073

If you do not report this address correctly, the BCI check will not be sent to the Division of EMS.

Please note: BCI will only send the WebCheck® to an authorized agency. You will not receive a copy of the WebCheck®. Please keep a copy of the receipt from the location where you had the WebCheck® completed and keep all receipts and documentation of the completion and submission of the WebCheck®.

According to BCI, results from the WebCheck® will normally be processed in approximately two business days and should be received by the Division of Emergency Medical Services within five to seven days.

If the WebCheck® is not received, or if you have further questions in regard to the WebCheck® process, please contact the BCI Identification Division, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. by calling toll free at (877) 224-0043.

If you have questions, please contact the Division of EMS, Office of Investigative Services at (800) 233-0785 or (614) 466-9447.

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