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Frequently Asked Questions – Grant Program

How can I submit my reimbursement request?

Reimbursement requests must have an accompanying invoice in order to be processed. Requests can be submitted online in the EMS Grants system, however, the system does not currently accept uploads, so invoices must still be submitted. Requests and invoices also may be emailed to EMSGrants@dps.ohio.gov, faxed to 614-351-6006, or mailed to: EMS Grants Program, P.O. Box 182073, Columbus, Ohio 43218-2073.

What is the deadline for spending Priority 1 funds?

Priority 1 funds must be expended by December 31st and reimbursement requests must be submitted by January 31st for Primary Funding Period grantees, and expended by June 30th, reimbursed by July 31st for Secondary Funding Period grantees.

What is my balance on my grant?

To check a grant award balance, contact the Grants Sections at 800-233-0785 or by email. Grantees can also check a grant award balance in the EMS Grants system by selecting “Add Expenditures.” Agree to the terms and then you will get a blank expenditure request form. Scroll to the bottom of the form to see the balance next to “Grant Left.”

How much award money did I receive this year and can I get a copy of the award letter?

Your grant award amount and award letter can be found in the EMS Grants Management System by going to Applications, and selecting the Details under the Submitted Grant Applications section. The Award Details will be on the top right side of the page and the Award Letter button will be located in the lower left side of the page.

What is eligible for reimbursement?

The list of eligible items is available on the Training and Equipment List / Expenditures form on the Grant Applications and Forms page. Please be sure to refer to the form that corresponds with your grant cycle. If you are still unsure about allowable items, you can contact the Grants Sections at 800-233-0785 or by email.

Have Questions?

Email the Grants Section, or call (614) 466-9447 or (800) 233-0785.

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