EMS Grant Program

Grant Restrictions

As provided in Chapter 4765-5-05 of the Ohio Administrative Code and grant guidance, grantees shall comply with the following restrictions:

  1. Grant funds shall not be used for activities or purchases related to an approved grant project if such activities were commenced, or such purchases were made or obligated, prior to formal approval of the grant application by the Board.
  2. The Board may restrict the type of expenses for which grant funds may be used. Unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Board, grant funds may not be used for the following expenses:
    1. Grant preparation;
    2. Meals or lodging;
    3. Travel expenses;
    4. Indirect costs or fringe benefits.
  3. Priority One – Training and Equipment Grant restrictions include the following:
    1. Grants awarded for EMS training shall be used only for tuition and fees, books, materials, and other expenses related directly to participation in the training program.
    2. Only an accredited training institution or approved continuing education (CE) site may purchase training equipment. Satellite training sites are not eligible to purchase training equipment.
    3. Funds utilized for continuing education courses shall meet the requirements for certification renewal. Subscriptions for education programs/services are not eligible.
    4. Only items on the approved list are eligible for purchase. In addition, items purchased must be within the scope of practice as determined by the agency’s protocols.
    5. Salaries are not eligible expenses.
  4. Grant funds shall only be expended by the grantee to which the grant was awarded. Failure to comply with this requirement shall be considered to be a misappropriation of funds and shall result in forfeiture of unexpended grant funds. The grantee shall repay any funds determined by the board to have been inappropriately expended.
  5. A grantee who expends grant funds for purposes other than those authorized under this chapter and approved by the Board shall be subject to forfeiture of unexpended funds, repayment of any grant funds determined by the Board to have been used for an unauthorized purpose, and may be considered ineligible for funding in future grant cycles.
  6. Within seven days after a request by the Board, a grantee shall supply original or verifiable copies of all receipts and other appropriate documentation related to disposition of the grant funds.
  7. All grant funds must be expended or obligated by a grantee within the twelve month grant cycle for which they were awarded.
    EXCEPTION: The Board may approve or extend a grant cycle beyond twelve months as it determines necessary or appropriate; however, if doing so would extend the grant cycle beyond the biennium in which it commences, the board shall expressly condition the availability of grant funds in the subsequent biennium on any necessary appropriations or certifications by the Ohio general assembly and the Office of Budget and Management.
  8. Any grant funds not expended or obligated on the final day of the grant cycle shall be remitted to the division within thirty days following the end of the grant cycle.
  9. A grantee who fails to expend an amount greater than three hundred dollars ($300.00) by the end of the funding period of the grant cycle, may be adversely impacted in the subsequent award year.
  10. A grantee may make multiple requests for reimbursement but shall not submit more than one request per month. Care should be taken to ensure that reimbursed items are not reported on subsequent forms.
  11. A grantee who fails to remit unexpended grant funds made in advance, as provided in this rule, shall be considered ineligible for funding in future grant cycles until such time as unexpended funds are remitted to the division.
  12. A final report accounting for all grant funds expended by a grantee shall be submitted to the board not later than thirty days after the end of the grant cycle.
  13. All expenditures and disbursements of grant funds by a grantee shall be subject to generally accepted accounting principles.
  14. Any grantee suspected of misappropriating or improperly administering grant funds, or any grantee who fails to provide documentation of the purchase of training and/or equipment as requested by the division, will be investigated by the division and may be referred to the attorney general's office.
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